10 Random Things

Get to know me a little better. Here are ten fun facts, random musings, and opinions I hold that will give you a look inside this mind of mine.

1. I've been a competitive swimmer since preschool. While my parents encouraged me to explore other athletic endeavors (gymnastics, tennis, lacrosse, and volleyball, to name a few), swimming was the only thing that ever stuck. Thank goodness for that - it took me to college.

2. Cooking is my outlet for everything. I subscribe to more cooking blogs and own more cookbooks than I care to admit. My friends don't seem to mind the constant invites for dinner, though.

3. My dog, Poppy, has one (blind) eye. I rescued her in a Walmart parking lot.

4. A lot of people find the Internet distracting and toxic; I champion it for igniting change, spreading ideas, helping artists of all kinds get discovered, and for revolutionizing the way we communicate.

5. Oxford Comma enthusiast, despite what Vampire Weekend has to say about it.

6. Favorite words: Albeit, S**t, Bold

7. Few things excite me more than a good charcuterie board.

8. I'm an avid podcaster. My favorites are My Dad Wrote a Porno, Tiny Meat Gang, and How Stuff is Made.

9. I recently visited France, Vancouver (where I bungee jumped for the first time!), and Banff National Park. Coming up, I have trips planned to Italy and Germany for Oktoberfest.

10. Before I settled into a career in marketing, I wanted to be a film producer. My all-time favorite movies are Ordinary People, The Shawshank Redemption, and the Royal Tenenbaums.