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Here's what you need to know:

• I am a contract freelancer for Drip's marketing team. I create original, long-form B2B written content for Drip's blog, as well as for extended long-form learning. Holiday Helper is a great example of this!

• The audience includes CMOs, executive marketing leadership, and marketing professionals looking for SaaS solutions for automating email and SMS marketing & their respective reporting.

Check out some of the pieces I wrote for Drip (and please note that while I was the original author, the "author name" may reflect the publisher or owner of the blog):

As Easy As Asking: Why Customer Interviews Are Essential

Work Smarter, Not Harder: Exit The Content Creation Hamster Wheel

Your Brand Story IS Your Marketing, Here's How To Write It

How (and Why) To Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

Glow Up Guide: Email Marketing For Beauty Brands

Email Design For Sends That Shine

8 Ways To Grow Your SMS List

Build long-lasting relationships with SMS

Abandoned Cart Remarketing: How to Reduce Your Cart Abandonment Rate

Average Order Value: 10 Ways to Get Customers to Buy More
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