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Here's what you need to know:

• I was a contract freelancer for MarketerHire's internal team. I created original, long-form B2B written content for Raisin Bread, which is both MarketerHire's blog and newsletter. The audience included CMOs, executive marketing leadership, and hiring managers looking for expert marketing talent.

• I supported my content with quippy, short-form social media amplification to drive distribution and engagement. With this support, a number of pieces I penned are ranking in the top 5-10 Google searches for their respective keywords.

Check out some of the pieces I wrote for MarketerHire (and please note that while I was the original author, the "author name" may have changed for more recent updates):

Growth Marketers are Modern Marketing Managers in 2021 – And That’s a Good Thing

Prime Day In October, No Halloween, and Early BFCM: 13 Expert-Backed Holiday Marketing Tactics to Win This Crazy Year

How to Acquire Customers Over BFCM: Last Minute Ideas That Require $0 Paid Search or Social Spend

The Customer Experience Implications of the New NAFTA Are Huge for E-commerce. You Can't Ignore It.

12 Welcome Email Examples & Pro Tips: The Key to High Email Deliverability & Building an Audience

Customer Experience in 2021 & Beyond: Savvier Consumers, Keeping It Simple, and Implementing CX Across Your Org

How to Build an Influencer Marketing Program That Boosts Word of Mouth and ROI

Remote Work Will Remain A Strength After The Pandemic: Why & How Your Business Can Best Benefit

In the Coronaconomy, Freelancers Are Trumping Agencies. Here's Why.

Customer Experience in 2021 and Beyond: Savvier Customers, Keeping it Simple, and Implementing CX Across Your Org

The Top 10 Ecommerce Interview Questions: What to Expect When Interviewing for a Job in Ecommerce (in partnership with ShipBob)
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