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Here's what you need to know:

• TOP Global is a data-driven integrated marketing agency. Their client base ranges from startups to Fortune 500 companies. TOP Global has additional organizations under its umbrella, including National Today (above) and PR Hacker.

• From digitally reinventing household name brands to creating go-to-market content for an up-and-coming medTech device, I worked alongside copywriters and designers to create bespoke omnichannel content for companies like Laffy Taffy, Bowflex, Tivic Health, and Rapyd as the agency's Content Manager.

Laffy Taffy

Laffy Taffy — a beloved, established candy name — had no established digital presence before recruiting TOP Global to bring them into the new era. We created an authentic social and digital presence around the product's silly jokes and tasty flavors while inventing an interactive family affair.

Starting from scratch across channels, I grew their social audiences by 2,000%+ and created hundreds of thousands of website impressions through influencer and media partnerships. 
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Tivic Health

Tivic Health was an emerging bioelectronic startup. Fresh off a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign (through which we helped the brand 2x their original fundraising goal), Tivic Health needed our help to develop a go-to-market social and digital presence in order to enter a competitive market and capitalize on the buzz they generated. 
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Bowflex came to TOP Global to promote their new AI platform launch in the U.S. as an add-on to their Max Trainer M8 machine. They were finding it difficult to message the benefits of the AI platform in a simple, relatable way.

Tasked with creating a slew of social media ad content to A/B test against their own messaging. Our creations won out in engagements, impressions, and conversions — plus traffic to the site.

I was responsible for conducting social listening and market research, as well as defining concepts from which to create ads.
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